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Say goodbye to your old practice software


Say hello to the modern way of managing your practice’

We securely transfer 100% of your data from your old practice software to doctorly.

It doesn’t matter which practice software you’re curretnly using, our customers switched successfully from Medistar, Turbomed, ALBIS, Quincy, S3, x.comfort, Medatixx, Tomedo and many others.

The data transfer process


Test data transfer

We do an initial sample data transfer from your old system to doctorly for you to check.


Data consultation

Our onboarding manager sits with you to check the quality of the data transfer and take your feedback.


Final data transfer

100% of your data transferred, ready for your first day using doctorly.

Meet our onboarding team

We provide you with a dedicated in-house onboarding manager, who takes complete care of your switch.

Project management


Data migration


We need less than
6 hours of time from your practice!

We understand that doctors, MFAs and practice managers are incredibly busy. So when you switch to doctorly, we take care of everything.

We have designed our practice switching process to require minimal input and disruption to you.

What our customers say about their switch.

Ajeh Bromand


"The switch to doctorly was very easy and smooth for us. We didn't have to close the practice."

Dr. med. Andrea Gartenbach


"My concerns of switching have completely vanished. I didn't have to close my practice. All the data was transferred."

Dr. med. Benjamin Schillin


"The switch to doctorly was seamless, we were able to start with the new software the very next day.

Dr. med. Oliver Ludwig


"The start with doctorly went smoothly, the training was very good, so we were able to start efficiently from day one.”

Katja Reichwald

Medical assistant

"The program easily explains itself. It immediately took away my fear of switching practice software."

Annette Cotanidis


"The switch to doctorly was a big step forward for our practice."

Dagmar Jackisch

Medical assistant

"I had no problems getting used to it, the programme is easy to use."

Agata Stawiarska

Medical assistant

“the switch to doctorly really makes it much easier for me to train new colleagues”

Dr. med. Bernhard Schoensee


"I found the switch to doctorly liberating."

Become an expert with doctorly in no time.

Personalized training before you go live, and access to our free online courses 24/7.

Perfect for training new colleagues!

What are you waiting for? doctorly will change your life.


50% less
time on

We will organise a date for the switch to doctorly that suits you and your practice best.

Customer service

7 sec.

The best customer service. Fast, friendly and at no extra cost with an average waiting time of less than 7 seconds.

Willkomen in der Cloud


Access your cloud-based practice software on any device, from anywhere.

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