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Switched to doctorly from Medistar in 2021

Dr. med. Bernhard Schoensee

Urology practice

Dr. med. Bernhard Schoensee, Urologist

"I found the switch to doctorly liberating."

Dr. med. Benjamin Schilling, Urologist

"We don't get stuck in queues, but are helped immediately and offered a solution immediately."

Olga Schwarz, medical assistant

"I've worked with a lot of programs, but doctorly is the easiest."

Switched to doctorly from S3 in 2022

Gemeinschaftspraxis Bromand & Sancho Loras

General Practice

Ajeh Bromand Ärztin

Ajeh Bromand, Doctor

The start with doctorly was super easy with no problems. We did not need to close the practice."

Dagmar Jackisch, medical assistant

"I had to do a lot of steps in the program before, it's much faster now with doctorly."

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Switched to doctorly from S3 in 2022

Ästhetik am Schlachtensee

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Practice

Dr. med. Oliver Ludwig, plastic and aesthetic surgery

"The customer service from doctorly is extremely outstanding. I have never been able to find anything comparable in the healthcare sector."

Switched to doctorly from Turbomed in 2022


General Practice

Annette Cotanidis, general practitioner

"The change was a big step forward for our practice."

Dr. Funda Villavicencio Lorini, general practitioner

"Doctorly customer service is very helpful and takes an analytical approach."

Switched to doctorly in 2022

Dr. med. Andrea Gartenbach

Practice for internal medicine

Dr. med. Andrea Gartenbach, general practitioner

"I had concerns before I made the switch. That completely evaporated. I didn't have to close my practice. All the data was transferred."

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