A complete replacement for your practice software

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“In my experience, I have worked with many PVS systems, and doctorly is the easiest!”

Olga Schwarz, medical assistant

Say goodbye to repetitive admin work.

Say hello to simple 1 click patient documentation.

Switching to doctorly is easy!


We transfer 100% of your data to doctorly.


We train your whole team.


Get started with doctorly within a few days.


We transfer 100% of your data to doctorly.


We train your whole team.


Get started with doctorly within a few days.

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"The start with doctorly was super easy with no problems. We did not need to close the practice."

Ajeh Bromand Ärztin

Ajeh Bromand, Doctor

Our customers switched to doctorly from legacy systems such as: Medistar, Turbomed, ALBIS, Quincy, S3, x.comfort, Medatixx, Tomedo und anderen.

We take away the pain of billing.

Welcome to modern KV quarterly billing. See errors immediately and work off lists in realtime.

Re-prescriptions made simple.

Looking after your long term patients is easy with doctorly.

Find records quickly with our supercharged search.

Need to find a specific record? No more endless scrolling. Combine filters and free text for instant results.

“The customer service of doctorly is extremely outstanding.”

Dr. med. Oliver Ludwig, Specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Healthcare professionals shouldn’t have to wait on hold all day!
Our average waiting time is 9 seconds.

doctorly on the go!

Access your cloud-based practice software on any device, from anywhere.

Home visits

In the practice

At your home

Compatible with your Windows, Apple, Android, Linux computer, tablet or smartphone:

doctorly is a complete replacement for your current practice software.

No more time consuming updates!

With doctorly you lose zero time due to software updates. Our cloud powered PVS is always 100% up-to-date.

Fully certified!

All state & private practicing doctors can use doctorly.

Connect all of your devices to doctorly.

With GDT & DICOM, easily connect your devices directly into doctorly.

Collaborate with your team in real time

Access and review patient records simultaneously in real-time.

We make you TI and digitisation ready.

ePrescription and eAU with our intuitive modern interface.

100% secure data transfer.

We migrate 100% of your patient records to doctorly. Zero downtime for your practice.

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doctorly is supported by the program Investitionsbank Berlin Pro FIT in the development of an open and flexible operating system for the healthcare sector for the purpose of patient-oriented care. The project is co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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