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Everything a doctor needs, all on one platform

doctorly brings together all of the features and functions needed to manage a successful practice and provide excellent patient care.

Looking after your patients made easy.

Patient administration

Using doctorly to write notes, prescriptions, medical & billing codes and manage your patients is simple. It’s all easily integrated into a single intuitive platform.

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  • Digital Patient Records
  • Customisable patient workflows
  • Suggested texts, codes and ciphers based on consultation type

Integrated digital patient booking

Unlike other digital booking tools, doctorly allows for a fully integrated connection between the practice and the patients.

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  • pre consultation anamnesis text direct to your system.
  • patient enriched health data.
  • practice resources allocated based on consultation type.

Digital Patient Records

Access to accurate and pertinent data is imperative to the successful treatment of your patients.

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With digitized health records, finding, browsing, filtering and assessing your patient data in a holistic way couldn’t be faster or easier.

  • Don’t waste time searching through paper documents, DVDs, and endless spreadsheets.
  • Share patient data digitally and securely.
  • Access patient enriched health data via doctroly and health app.

Built by, and with, doctors

doctorly was built by, tested, and designed with independent doctors and practices from all over Germany. Our partner practices ensure every feature matches their highest standards before reaching you

  • Designed & built in Germany, for German doctors.
  • Specifically built for independent practices.
  • Have feedback or questions? Schedule a meeting with one of our doctors.

Smart Practice Scheduling

doctorly makes sure that the practice is firmly in control of the appointment scheduling and resource management.

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  • Individual calendars for each doctor, the practice, and resources.
  • Repeating appointments for regular patients.
  • Optimises practice resources to the highest level.

Easy updates

doctorly uses powerful cloud technology to automatically keep your practice up to date, in the background, with no down time or extra work for you.

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  • No more physical discs.
  • Every computer at the same time.
  • Important medical databases always kept up to date.

GDT connections

doctorly connects your practice from top to bottom. We are GDT compliant (German standard for exchange of data between medical information systems and medical devices).

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  • Communicate data directly from your machines to doctorly.
  • Save time & resources.
  • No need to buy new machines.

Secure Cloud Data Backups

It’s 2018 and storing patient data in paper, DVD, and external-hard drive formats is a thing of the past. It adds extra work to your day, it’s not as secure as it should be and the data is almost useless to you and the patients.

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  • Real-time record backups, you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Secure end to end encrypted storage within Germany.
  • Access key patient data instantly and intuitively.

Your practice is our business.

Billing KV

Managing your quarterly KV billing administration, preparation, and submission can be a time-consuming process.

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With the doctorly integrated digital billing software, we make preparing and submitting your quarterly KV billing data a simple 30-minute task.

  • Real-time corrections & suggestions.
  • Real-time budget information.
  • Supports all local KV submission formats.
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Billing Private

Keeping on top of your private patient bills can be a manual time-consuming task. doctroly simplifies the process with our digital communication & tracking solutions.

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  • Generate paper & digital invoices.
  • Automated reminders.
  • Digital communication direct to patients via health app & email.
  • Digital checklist for payment confirmations.

The highest level in Data Security

With the new GDPR data privacy laws coming into effect across Europe from the 25th of May 2018, it is imperative that every practice is using the most sophisticated patient data protection systems available.

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  • All data is end-to-end encrypted.
  • doctorly does not own the data. It belongs to the patient & doctor.
  • doctorly will never sell the data to any 3rd parties.
  • All data is stored in Germany & will never leave the country.

Practice Analytics

Understand exactly how your practice is performing with doctorly digital analytics. We visualize your key metrics so you are always up to date on exactly what’s going on in your practice.

  • Consultation data.
  • Real-time financial information.
  • Patient metrics.
  • Optimise your service level and revenue.

Your innovation partner

Innovation is a good thing, but we understand doctors are often very busy and need support in ensuring their practice is using the latest technologies.

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doctorly is a young, modern technology company and we make sure you have everything you need when you need it.

  • Telematik Infrastructure ready.
  • Keeping your practice at the forefront of best practices.
  • Ongoing innovation, training, and support.

Retain and Engage your patients

Patients have a choice regarding which doctors they choose to provide their health care. Ensure your practice stands out for service level and modernity with the health app patient portal.

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Every feature that enables and empowers your patients, in turn, saves your practice time and resources while increasing your revenues.

  • Free health app patient portal for every patient.
  • Your patients can digitally schedule and manage appointments.
  • Your patients can digitally access their medical documentation.
  • Digital communications & reminders to ensure your patients are visiting you when they need to.

To do list

Track analytics

In practice


Optimise practice task management

Ensure efficiency levels climb within your practice by managing your daily tasks within the doctorly platform.

Tasks are digitally assigned to doctors and MFAs within the practice and managed until completion.

  • Keep on top of your tasks with your digital To-Do list.
  • Prioritise tasks by urgency level.
  • Maintain a full overview of work done and to be done in your practice.
  • Digital chat between practice staff.

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Engage with your patients like never before.

When you decide to switch to doctorly, you’re not only making a decision to make your life easier
but to also empower your patients with digital services.

The health app patient portal is 100% free to use, secure and will set your
practice apart from the crowd.

Health app patient portal

  • Scheduling & managing appointments.
  • Digital access to health records.
  • 360 view of patient health records from all doctors.
  • Direct digital practice-patient communication & important reminders.

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Anna Von Stackelberg
Chief Business Development Officer


doctorly GmbH
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10967 Berlin
VAT Number: DE 315453536


Web: www.doctorly.de
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Managing Directors

Mr. Samir El-Alami
and Mr. Nicklas Teicke

Commercial Registry:

Amtsgericht Berlin/Charlottenburg,
HBR 191251 B

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Anna Von Stackelberg
Chief Business Development Officer

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Anna Von Stackelberg
Chief Business Development Officer


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Anna Von Stackelberg
Chief Business Development Officer

Samir El-Alami

“As CEO of doctorly, Samir is using his 10 years of international technology startup experience to bring value adding disruption to the German health industry. Samir is a firm believer in the value and importance of independent practices to delivering high standards of healthcare in Germany. He believes doctors deserve the very best tools to do their jobs and that technology should be leveraged to enable doctors to focus on what really matters, the patients. Prior to doctorly Samir built and lead successful disruptive startups in the insurance, banking, gaming and social industries.”

Nicklas Teicke

“Nicklas is incredibly passionate about what doctorly has set out to achieve, enabling people to live healthier lives. Helping to raise the technological standard at the doctors' office is the crucial first step on the way towards that vision. Nicklas brings in his past experience in building and scaling successful companies to make sure every customer gets the very best product and support possible. Prior to doctorly Nicklas has gained experience in building an international consultancy for fast growing, agile companies as well as working in the e-commerce sector."


doctorly GmbH
Urbanstraße 71
10967 Berlin
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE 315453536


Web: www.doctorly.de
Email: hello@doctorly.de


Mr. Samir El-Alami
and Mr. Nicklas Teicke


Amtsgericht Berlin/Charlottenburg,
HBR 191251 B

Dr. Archil Eristavi

“Dr. Eristavi has 15 years of experience as a Neurosurgeon. He has worked in different countries, with the last 9 years spent working in London both for the NHS and private hospitals. Based on his experience within different healthcare systems he decided to focus on creating digital solutions for doctors, apart from his clinical work. As a Chief Medical Officer for doctorly, Dr Eristavi provides medical oversight and expertise to ensure the delivery of quality health-related services, as well as being the ambassador of the company in the medical world and vice versa. ”